convergenz/solutions is a boutique new media brokerage, management consulting and strategic marketing consultancy based in Los Angeles, California.  Current and recent clients include Axiotron, ROTEC (Australia), Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles Technology Week, Gigabeam, GRT-Inc., NetworkOne, KCET Channel 28 (PBS), Keiretsu Forum, Greenbridge Capital, Anthem Capital Partners, Briland Modem Fund (Bahamas), American Film Institute, the Bahamas Film Commission (Bahamas), Rick Dees, Sonic Foundry Media Services, Vitaminic USA (Italy), Ziff-Davis Softbank (London and San Francisco), the Kauai Film Commission, Getty Information Institute, FAME Renaissance, ImajiMation Studios, GopherTV, Hollywood Film Festival and Hollywood Black Film Festival.

Our success is based on providing clients with consistently exceptional strategic management consulting and marketing communications counsel to support their short and long-term business objectives. Our primary goal is to build lasting partnerships with our clients, whether they are Fortune 500 corporations, not-for-profit associations, local governments, foreign governments, e-government initiatives, media divisions of large film studios or bold young start-up companies possessing great technology, creative talent and a vision.  Our core competencies are in digital media, alternative energy and clean technologies. Results are our most valued credential, and our key asset is our core team of professionals who possess a finely-tuned industry knowledge and bring an informed, proactive approach to every assignment.  We pride ourselves in our long-term, strategic and reciprocal relationships with key industry influencers.

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beyond bits and bytes
At convergenz/solutions, you'll find no bloated bureaucracy, high overhead, or account coordinators/interns working on your business. You'll get big agency service at half the cost. On the flip side, we're not a myopic one-note shop either. We pride ourselves on our select client list and provide the seasoned, tuned-in professionals to strategically approach your business. We strongly believe in bringing together the finest talent possible to offer our clients comprehensive business solutions.  And i
n addition to developing the convergenz/solutions pedigree as a noted guerrilla positioning shop, our principals are frequently invited to speak at new media conferences around the country to underscore the development and use of the Internet as a social, educational and cultural tool, based on our continuing work with multinational programs in general ... and local schools, ‘safe’ houses and computer workshops in empowerment zones around the United States and the Bahamas in particular.



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